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If there is one thing I thoroughly enjoy is putting my beauty look together.  Every single day, I take great pleasure in creating my beauty look. For as long as I can remember, I have had a signature beauty look. To tell you the truth, it wasn’t planned, it kinda just happened. I am someone who believes in doing things that makes me happy, even if it means doing something over and over and over again. I find having a signature beauty look is not only enjoyable, but super efficient. I spend less time worrying about what look I am going to create because I already know what I want, which is very liberating. And the best part? I never get bored :). For me, the 3 ways to create a signature beauty look begins with my:

  • Short Hair: My signature hair look is short curly locks. I have had this look for about twelve years now, and I don’t see myself going back to long hair anytime soon. I didn’t plan to have short hair. It actually started out as a dare from my mother, and now, I can’t imagine my life without this look. I love that it is super low maintenance, but I love how it makes me feel even more. I really enjoy standing out, and having this short hair does just that.

signature beauty look cat eyes short hair bold lips 1

  • Cat Eyes: My liquid liner obsession started when I was 13 years, when I saw the movie Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor. Oh my, I instantly fell in love with her look. I loved how drop dead gorgeous her eyes were drenched in eye liner, and I couldn’t wait to recreate the look on myself. In boarding school, I didn’t have access to liquid liner, but I had access to Kajal, so I used religiously on the bottom and top of my eyes. And the rest is history, my cat eye look was born and lives on as part of my beauty look.
  • Bold Lips: One thing I love most about having dark skin is that I get to play with bold colors on my lips. I love love love lipsticks. And yes from time to time, I do rock nude lips. But rocking bold lipsticks is really what I live for. My two favorite colors are red and pink, so those are the lip colors I where most often.

signature beauty look cat eyes short hair bold lips 2

How about you? Do you have a signature beauty look? If so, please share. Would love to hear from you.

Enjoy life joyously & deliciously,


The PinkJoy


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