Meet -The PinkJoy


Created by Beauty & Life Connoisseur Joy Doyin Ogunneye, The is a blog compilation of the delicious & beautiful things that bring joy to her life. From graduating business school to switching careers while making a home for herself and her family, Joy embodies the everyday woman, seeking happiness and joy as well as a beautiful lifestyle.

Photo Credit: By Petronella Photography

Photo Credit: By Petronella Photography

As a Nigerian American beauty expert, mom, lifemaker and lover of all things DIY, beauty, fashion, food, vintage & pop culture, I designed this blog to share my one-of-a-kind world through tips, finds, stories, discoveries and more…all things that inspire and bring me joy.

My mom intentionally named me “Joy” because she believed by doing so, I would live up to my name and bring “joy to the world”. True to form, I am an optimist who never tires of smiling or laughing. Don’t be fooled though, I do have moments too, when I don’t feel so joyous.

So you may wonder, how do I keep the joy alive during those “not so joyous” times? First by venting, of course. Sometimes we just need to vent to truly appreciate what we have. Whether I’m venting or listening to someone vent, it helps me relish in my joys and helping other people to relish in theirs. I believe that everyone can live a deliciously beautiful life if only they focused more on life’s little joys.

Life is a precious gift and we have to celebrate it by sharing our joys with others!

I hope to inspire a life of beauty and joy in you.

“Joy is contagious. So let’s share it, one delicious moment at a time”.

Enjoy life joyously & deliciously,