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For the past couple of years, I have been trying to minimize the amount of skincare products that I use, simply by using more and more  natural products. For a while, I actually thought I was doing a good job with my skin. But for several months now, my skin has gotten rather temperamental. One minute my skin is completely clear, the next minute I break out sporadically. Before I know it, I find myself putting chemicals upon chemicals on my skin, to discover they don’t work for my break outs any longer. Even though I eat organic and clean (at least I try to most of the time), I was a bit concerned that my diet was to blame. But as the universe will have it, I recently stumbled upon the very inspiring blog Minimalist Beauty. This blog is truly heaven sent. After reading the Minimalist Beauty author, Dawn’s journey to a simplistic lifestyle by completely using only natural beauty products, I have become really inspired to do the same. So this holiday weekend, I begin my journey to simplistic living, starting with my skincare routine. No more skincare products with chemicals for me. A few days ago, I kicked off my chemical free me journey with a skincare products detox. This skincare detox comprises of using no skincare products at all. All I do is simply wash my face with just water and leave it bare and free of products. In just two days, my face has actually calmed down and I have noticed a slight difference. By next week, I hope to begin introducing natural products into my simple skincare regimen, and will definitely keep you posted.  If I see significant improvements with my skin using this new approach, I will have to do the same with my makeup routine. But for now, I am just enjoying not using skincare with chemicals. I am really looking forward to seeing results. And in the spirit of all things red, white and blue, happy 4th of July :)

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