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I love wearing Ankara, even in the depths of winter. So when I got the chance to wear this drop dead gorgeous Ankara peplum dress by the fabulous designer Yetunde Sarumi, I knew I had to rock it by wearing layers. As you know, I love wearing Ankara pieces to work, and this peplum dress couldn’t be more ideal. It’s structured design screams power while It’s blue printed color speaks directly to my heart. What I love most about this Yetunde Sarumi creation is how flattering yet comfortable this dress is on me. And I refuse to allow this cold weather to get in the way of me wearing this oh-so-chic dress. And thanks to the art of layering, I can still wear this dress and keep warm. Wearing layers can be rather tricky, especially with Ankara. But I have found how to wear layers with Ankara peplum dress involves three key items:

  1. Tights: I am a sucker for opaque tights during winter, and I love wearing ones lined with fleece. The great thing is that they look very classic while still keeping me really warm. Comfort over fashion any day :)
  2. Satin/Silk Shirt: In order to prevent the Ankara dress from feeling and looking bulky, I layer it with lightweight satin or silk shirts, so as not to add more volume to my look. That way, my layering looks seamless and streamlined.
  3. Statement Coat: There is nothing like a statement coat. It does wonders to any outfit, but it looks even more divine on vibrant Ankara prints. So I always rock a colorful statement coat especially with Ankara.

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Yetunde Sarumi The Pink Joy 5

Bag: Chanel| Dress: Yetunde Sarumi| Shoes: Jessica Simpson| Necklace:Avon Mark| Shirt: Marks & Spencer|

Enjoy life joyously & deliciously,


The PinkJoy


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