Clever Girls Dream Big 2

I had such a profound time this weekend. One of my dear friends, Bola Onada Sokunbi, started this incredible platform called Clever Girl Finance, to help and empower women to take charge of their finances. She hosted her first event this Saturday and it was fantastic. Not only was it super fun to hang out with other clever girls, but also inspiring to share stories and goals with these women. One thing that particularly struck a cord with me was the exercise to draw our grand visions on paper. Wow, I must say, this was really difficult for me. In the past, I have penned my vision down quite a number of times on paper. As we speak, I even have my vision typed out in my iphone notes. However, placing my dreams on a visual board is a whole other ball game. In all honesty, although I have always believed in the power of vision boards, I have been scared to create one myself. The truth? I have been scared to create a vision board because my visions are just too big, they scare me. Yes, I said it, I am afraid of my own dreams :). But after attending the clever girl event and remembering the quote “if your dreams don’t scare you ,  they aren’t big enough”, I decided to be honest with myself, face my fear and create a vision board. And boy, I am so excited to get cracking at it. I have already started putting my images together. Now, I can visually see my goals every day and align all my decisions with my visions. Thank you Clever Girl Finance for inspiring me to dare to dream big, clever girl style. You rock!

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