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Today’s interview is with the effervescently stylish lifestyle blogger, entrepreneur and naturalista, Krystal Knight. Words can’t describe how much of a fan I am of hers. Smart, fabulous and talented, Krystal created The Feisty House – a lifestyle, personal style and natural hair blog where women learn to live extraordinary lives. As stated on her blog “At The Feisty House, {she} shows her readers how to curate a beautiful life, thus making her readers the best versions of themselves and an inspiration to those around them”. Krystal is truly an extraordinary woman with a really strong sense of self and an approachable attitude. I love that she is such a wealth of information which she generously shares daily on her fantastic blog. In addition to running a successful blog, she also owns two other businesses- “Blog & Company” (a blog management company) and a clothing line “The Feisty Society“- while still having a 9-to-5 job. What an incredible woman right? Sweet, humble and joyously inspiring. I hope you become a fan just like I did. Enjoy!

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1.    How did you get started in your line of work & what do you enjoy most about it?

I am a blog manager and content developer at BLOG & COMPANY, the business I started just a few weeks ago! I got started in my line of work the day I published my first post for my lifestyle blog, The Feisty House. I’ve learned so much about blogging after doing it for so long (The Feisty House is five years old), and I enjoyed being creative and responding to people’s needs through blogging, so I knew I wanted to make blogging a business in some way. Through blogging at The Feisty House, I’ve had such great opportunities to work with awesome brands, and that’s really how I got the idea for BLOG & CO. We write and maintain blogs for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. It’s really my perfect job!

2.    Describe your typical day?

In addition to getting BLOG & CO. off the ground, I am also a full-time public health professional in New York City, so my days are HECTIC. I work on BLOG & CO. and write for my own blog outside of my 9-to-5. And then while I am at work, I’m always on conference calls or in meetings with the State. I’m “go go go” all the time.

3.    How do you incorporate culture into your everyday life?

I make it a point to keep up with cultural trends that I can report on my blog or incorporate into blogs I write for other brands, but I also make sure to stay up on current events, especially things that are taking place internationally. I wish I could be more current with my leisurely reading, but these days I don’t have a lot of free time!

 4.  How would you define your fashion style?

It’s very approachable, but just a bit unexpected. I like classic silhouettes in bold colors and mismatched prints. I’m not HUGE on labels, but I love clothes that are well-made and fit well. 

 5.  Where do you shop for clothes?

I spend a lot of my money at Zara, J.Crew and Need Supply. I also have a few pieces from the new Kate Spade Saturday line. I really want to try some of the t-shirts at Everlane (they look so comfy), and my spring-summer wardrobe would be complete if I had a matching crop top and skirt set from TOPSHOP. 

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6.   What are your fashion must-haves?

I love trousers, and I love dresses. I’m excited Spring is around the corner because I can’t wait to wear dresses WITHOUT tights underneath. I’m also a huge fan of the crop top–crop tops were essentially my go-to summer uniform last year!

7.    What are your beauty must-haves? 

I must have my Wet-n-Wild brow pencil, MAC concealer, and Maybelline Lots of Lashes mascara. Oh, and perfume. Everything else is negotiable, which is probably why I have so many beauty products. I love trying new things.

8.‎   What items are in your bag right now?

A notebook from Poppin’ and my Kindle, Dove deodorant (a mini version of the cucumber + green tea scent), Smith’s Rosebud Salve, a Chloe perfume rollerball, three lip balms (it’s a problem), 2 lip glosses, and my iPhone 5s charger. 

 9. What 3 songs are playing on heavy rotation this week?

Any song from Isaac Caree’s latest album, my friend Jake Barker’s renditions of his performances from The Voice (GO #TeamJakeBarker!!!) and ‘What A Fool Believes’ by The Doobie Brothers.

 10.  Any advice for aspiring career /entrepreneurial women on how to juggle work & life?

Not yet, lol. But I’ll take advice from you all! Really, the key for me has been focusing on the reasons why I love doing what I do. If I didn’t love blogging and working with brands and being creative and helping people find inspiration, I don’t think I would be able to spend all my free time doing it. Because I love it, I make the time for it. 

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11.‎ How do you find the balance in life?

I don’t think I’ve found balance just yet, but staying prayed up helps a lot. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, the first thing I do is pray. And then I take a break to check in with friends and family. Staying connected to your social support system is a really important part of feeling balanced.   

12. What/Who inspires you and why?

Entrepreneurs inspire me. They believe in themselves wholeheartedly. That takes guts, especially since other people won’t always see your vision. Mothers inspire me too. Being a mother has to be one of the scariest jobs in the world.

13. What is the best advice you have ever received?

“Trust God.”

14. What are your best life lessons?

I think I’m learning them now. I’m learning how to be more disciplined, how to manage multiple projects, and how to be more present in my life outside of work. I am a notorious worry-wart, and I’m learning to use my imagination to think about all the wonderful things that could happen instead of all the ways everything could go wrong.


15. ‎What brings you the most joy in life and why?

I get the most joy from connecting with people on a deeper level. I love people, especially when they’re being transparent and genuine. I get no greater joy than from learning from people, encouraging them, and being encouraged by them in return.

 16. How do you keep the “joy” alive in your life

By supporting other people and getting really excited about the good things that are happening for them. Just being around all that positive energy gets me really inspired and keeps me motivated. And sometimes I sign off from social media–if I feel like I’m comparing myself to someone’s perfect Instagram life instead of being supportive, I put the phone down. Comparison is the thief of joy. 

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Krystal Knight
The Feisty House
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Enjoy life joyously & deliciously,


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